documentary essay, 73 min., Germany/Italy – in post-production


The writer and director Kristina Paustian is preoccupied with the idea of making a fiction film about Velimir Khlebnikov, one of the biggest pacifists in the early 20th century, futurist poet and mathematician, who believed it was possible to predict future wars. Immersed in this process Kristina loses sleep and at some point the project seems to come to a dead end. So, the director starts writing letters to Khlebnikov, who died 100 years ago. She describes to him various scenes from the film that doesn’t exist.


A production of Voices Films
in co-production with Kinokult, Mimesis, Revolver


Invited to

Sofia Meetings (WIPs) 2022
Agora Docs in Progress – Thessaloniki Film Festival 2022


Funded by

Berlin Senate Department for Culture and Europe, Literarisches Colloquium Berlin (LCB) and the Robert Bosch Foundation


With the support of

DAAD (Germany), ARRI (Germany), Sud Sound Studio (Italy)



Writer/Director/Producer/Editor: Kristina Paustian
Producer: Margarita Amineva-Jester
Co-producers: Tamara Bogdanova, Yanna Buryak, Paolo Maria Spina
Cinematographer: Sarah Yona Zweig, Kristina Paustian
Music: Oren Ambarchi
Sound: Nikita Alekseenko
Art Director: Dariya Susak
Associate producers: Giovanni Giusto, Lorenzo Rapetti, Giovanni Robbiano – 010 Films, Felice Farina – Nina Film



Kristina Paustian, Sergei Bystrov, Nikita Zolotov, Evgeniya Mandzhieva, Pavel Drozdov

written & directed by