Land of Glory

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fiction, 27 min, Germany, 2020


A school somewhere in Hungary. An ordinary literature class with unextraordinary, indifferent students. It feels like a normal day, except that the Hungarian Prime Minister is about to visit. The school secretary, the mastermind of the ceremony, tries to keep everything under control, especially the celebratory cake, which doesn’t fit in the fridge. While the cooks struggle to fix the problem, a 17-year-old Márti, who is supposed to greet the Prime Minister on stage, hesitantly prepares her little rebellion.
A production of the German Film & TV Academy Berlin

in co-production with Margarita Amineva-Jester, Borbála Nagy



Writer/Director: Borbála Nagy
Co-writer: Judit Anna Bánházi
Producer: Margarita Amineva-Jester
Cinematographer: Moritz Friese
Editor: László Dunai
Sound Design: Tamás Bohács
Sound: Fanny Harisch, Oliver Göbel, Andor Horváth
Set Design: Michael Schindlmeier
Costume: Jana Donis
Casting: Csilla Bereczki



Hanna Angelus, Nóra Rainer-Micsinyei, Zsuzsa Faragó, Péter Janklovics


Sales / Distribution

Interfilm Berlin



Hungarian Film Critics’ Prize, Hungary, 2022
Best Short Film at Friss Hús Budapest, Hungary, 2021
Special Award TV5MONDE for the Best Production at DISFF, Greece, 2021
Best Production at Filmschoolfest Munich, Germany, 2021
Grand Award at Alter-Native Film Festival, Romania, 2021
German Short Film Award, Germany, 2020 
Best Medium-Length Film at Achtung Berlin Film Festival, Germany, 2020
Third Jury Prize and Audience Award at Cologne Short Film Festival, 2020



Evropa Film Akt, France, 2022
Tampere Film Festival / Program Hungary, Finland, 2022
Stuttgarter Filmwinter, Germany, 2022
Etiuda & Anima, Poland, 2021
Filmschoolfest Munich, Germany, 2021
Visionär, Germany, 2021
Cinemira, Hungary, 2021
Azyl Festival, Slovakia, 2021
Filmtettfeszt, Romania, 2021
Alter-Native, Romania, 2021
Plzen Festival, Czech Republic, 2021
Tirana International Film Festival, Albania, 2021
filmzeitkaufbeuren, Germany, 2021
Drama International Short Film Festival, Greece, 2021
BuSho, Hungary, 2021
Lubuskie Filmsommer Festival, Poland, 2021
Five Seas, Germany, 2021
Malter Vandor, Hungary, 2021
Tel Aviv International Student Film Festival, Israel, 2021
Friss Hús Budapest, Hungary, 2021
Go Short, Netherlands, 2021
BUFF, Sweden, 2021
Bamberger Kurzfilmtage, Germany, 2021
Premiers Plans, France, 2021
Poitiers Film Festival, France, 2020
Cologne Short Film Festival, Germany, 2020
Achtung Berlin, Germany, 2020
Filmfest Dresden, Germany, 2020
Max Ophüls Prize, Germany, 2020

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